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Animal Control Services - North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia & South Carolina

Animal Control Experts (ACE) is your choice for:

**In the State of North Carolina all commensal rodent, bird, and stinging insects services are performed by Animal Control Experts (ACE) employees under Jeff Johnson PC Lic. 1357PW.

Within our own communities and neighborhoods there is a ecosystem that is full of squirrels, raccoons, skunks, snakes, bats, coyotes, and many other species of wildlife that often become a nuisance. Animal Control Experts targets the particular animals that have become a problem to you, and removes them. If animals have been living inside, we can seal the structure so that re-entry cannot occur.

Professional Wildlife Control, Capture or Removal Service for the folowing:
Armadillo Bobcats Crows Groundhogs Muskrats Pigeons Snakes Turtles
Bats Buzzards Deer Geese Minks Rabbits Squirrels Voles
Beaver Chipmunks Ducks Grackles Opossums Raccoons Sparrows Weasels
Birds Coyotes Fox Moles Otters Skunks Starlings Woodchucks
We also have professionals on staff to control your toughest stinging insect problems such as:
Bumble Bees Cicada Killer Wasps Honey Bees Hornets Paper Wasps
Carpenter Bees Digger Wasps Bees Honey Comb Removal Mud Daubers Yellow Jackets

Animal Control Experts LLCCorporate Office• 18 East Main Street N. • Hampton Georgia 30228•

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